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The best amount is the amount that completely controls seizures without causing troublesome side effects.

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Khanna on side effects dilantin decreased renal: Ongoing side effects might include gum.Phenytoin (like other seizure medicines) should never be stopped without instructions from the doctor.

Each capsule actually contains white tablets (two in the 200-mg capsule and three in the 300-mg capsule).Marijuana and Epilepsy. anticonvulsants have many potentially serious side effects, including bone softening, anemia, swelling of the gums, double vision,.The process of absorbing, digesting, and excreting a medicine or food is called metabolism.To learn how to read and understand a package insert, see How to read a package insert.If the person also takes other medicines that are digested in the liver, things can get complicated.The levels of other medicines in the body might go up or down too.If you are taking phenytoin, breast-feeding is generally safe, although a small amount of the medication will appear in your milk.Our bottom line Dilantin (Phenytoin) is effective at preventing seizures, but has many drug interactions and side effects.People taking phenytoin should exercise, take vitamin D supplements, and eat foods rich in calcium.

Learn about the potential side effects of Dilantin (phenytoin).

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Phenytoin is highly effective for seizures and is one of the most commonly used seizure medicines in North America.

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Dilantin (Phenytoin) Gingival Overgrowth Side Effect Side Effects from Dilantin (Phenytoin) Usage on Your Gum Tissue.Women with epilepsy who are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant should talk to their doctor about their seizure medicines.Overdose occurs when someone takes more than the normal or recommended amount of this medicine.Serious reactions to phenytoin are very rare but everyone who takes this medicine should at least be aware of them because a very small number of people have died because of them.

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Some other side effects only appear after a person has been using phenytoin for a number of months or years.

Find a comprehensive guide to possible side effects including common and rare side effects when taking Dilantin (Phenytoin) for healthcare professionals and consumers.They usually need to take phenytoin two or three times a day.Medicines that contain calcium, including some antacids, can prevent the body from absorbing phenytoin.Using generic medicines rather than brand-name ones is often suggested as a way to save money.Professionals Women Youth Parents Seniors Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Infantile Spasms and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex.fatburnersupplementsq.com.Trazodone withdrawal side effects can be eliminated or eased to the point you can function in life.Taking more than one seizure medicine may increase the risk of birth defects, so doctors sometimes gradually reduce the number or amount of seizure medicines taken by women planning for pregnancy.

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Many studies have compared phenytoin with other seizure medicines, to see which medicine is best for people who have just begun treatment for epilepsy.To use the liquid suspension, shake the bottle thoroughly just before measuring.Any time a doctor suggests a new prescription, be sure to talk about what other medicines, supplements, herbs, and vitamins are already being taken.Those who have trouble swallowing capsules (especially small children) may use tablets instead.On the other hand, a person who chronically abuses alcohol may have lower levels of phenytoin and be more likely to have seizures.Though the risk is small, call the doctor promptly if you notice a rash, since in a few cases these rashes are fatal.

People with liver disease and those who must take certain other types of medicines may need to be extra cautious about taking phenytoin.Some young people who take fairly high doses of phenytoin also have increased growth and darkening of hair on the face and body, called hirsutism.The way the body metabolizes a particular medicine affects how often it must be taken.In the United States, several companies sell generic phenytoin, in these forms.The way the medicine is taken depends, of course, on what form the doctor has prescribed.

On average, the results were about the same for phenytoin as for several other seizure medicines that are often used.In the United States, companies that manufacture medicines are required to publish certain kinds of information about each product.We again urge patients and families to contact their doctor before stopping an epilepsy medication because this may possibly lead to seizures and worsening of mood.Some people who take phenytoin for several years may have damage to the nerves in their legs.