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This means it is easy for a person to get too much or too little of Xarelto because it does not require blood tests.Warn patients and doctors that there is no antidote to reverse Xarelto bleeding.We offer counsel and compassion and will evaluate the specific circumstances.Xarelto is a blood thinner that was supposed to be more effective and safer than Coumadin (warfarin).

In 2011, the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a medication called Xarelto or Rivaroxaban.Lawsuits accuse Bayer and Janssen of downplaying the bleeding risks of Xarelto.If you need to file a lawsuit, we can connect you with lawyers who can help evaluate your case.

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Learn why settlement figures are not yet available and how to safeguard your legal rights.It has been sold by Bayer HealthCare and Janssen Pharmaceuticals since 2011.In addition, we typically work on contingency-fee agreements.The information provided by Drugwatch.com is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.Bleeding is one of the most serious side-effects associated with Xarelto.The lawsuit accuses Janssen and Bayer of concealing safety risks and not properly testing the drug.

This website covers the details of the Xarelto litigation, including the connection to internal bleeding, recalls, settlements and providing you legal help.Fallon in the United States District Court Eastern District of Louisiana under MDL-2592.The lawsuit alleges Ann suffered internal bleeding and a hemorrhagic stroke that ultimately led to her death.

Any compensation awarded in a class action must be shared among the plaintiffs after lawyers take a percentage.Doctors tried to save him by drilling a hole in his skull to alleviate building pressure but were unable to stop the bleeding.Find the latest information about Xarelto lawsuits and how to file for your compensation.

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Provide adequate warning that seniors are at increased risk of Xarelto bleeds.

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Her lawsuit alleges that William took Xarelto for six months for atrial fibrillation and shortly after, he suffered bleeding in his brain.Frank Peck filed a lawsuit on behalf of his deceased wife, Ann Peck.According to the complaint, Dunkley took Xarelto to reduce the risk of stroke.

Our Xarelto lawyers have formed a highly sophisticated and powerful legal team to win your case.

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Unlike a class action, however, each plaintiff has their own attorney, lawsuits remain independent, and each case can have its own outcome.Xarelto Litigation Update: Legal-Bay Lawsuit Settlement Funding Reports Issuance of New Court Documents.These legal actions stem from the severe bleeding experienced by some.

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Instead of a class action, our attorneys file individual lawsuits.Xarelto Legal Claims Trials and jury selections began this week in the first bellwether trial for thousands of Xarelto lawsuits pending throughout the federal c.