Pulmonary embolism long term effects

It was such a relief to find this blog and know there were other people that were going through what I was.It might be good not to set your expectations too high that the echocardiogram will give you the answers you are looking for.Again, I know how hard it is for those of us not used to sitting around, but you also want to give the blood thinners adequate time to attach to the veins and not risk the clot dislodging.Fatigue, anxiety and your ability to control stress may be comprimised.This website is not intended to be substituted for professional medical advice and treatment.I was a former exerciser who found that if I tried just a little bit harder, I could get more and more fit all the time.My thoughts are with you as you continue to recovery and keep in touch too.

Even though I am not glad we have gone through this, I am glad we can go through it together and share our stories, struggles and triumphs.After all, he was back to work and for that first month, I was home all day and yes, I think he thought I was doing nothing.I take aspirin daily now, I just came off fragmin 3 days ago.Sue is lucky to have a person who will keep fighting for her when she is feeling down.

I personally like the idea of channeling the fear into doing something positive and constructive.As the days went by my SOB got progressively worse until I could no longer kid myself.They recommended I head to the ER, where it was determined I have a PE.

A psychiatrist knows how to give you the right prescription to bring the brain chemistry back into balance.Recover was much better that time, I was 66 yrs old and no health issues ever before.If you have pain back off, pain means just more damage it in no way means you are getting better.

I ran a 5K over the summer, which was about all I could handle.I describe the feeling to the docs as like having a hockey puck sized object pushing down on my heart.I had all four lobes of my lungs fill of small PEs and was told I could have died.It is a GREAT idea to take someone with you as it can be very overwhelming so I am glad that is able to happen as well.

Thank you, Sara for putting this together and everybody else for contributing.If they find something, you can take care of it, and if they find nothing wrong, that can alleviate some stress.Statistics show about 24-25% of people with a PE have an associated fever and that 14% are of unknown etiology due to the PE.

It is a newer medication, but it is possible to find some information about it on the internet.The specialist sounds like she has a better estimate but even that may be optimistic.That took ages because I was on a heparin drip (apparently advised over clexane after surgery because of the risk of bleeding through the wound) and taking my normal warfarin.

So, my CV surgeon inserted EKOS catheters into my jugular, looped them through my heart and placed them in each lung.I headed home after the scan and got a call on my cell, it was the doctor telling me to turn around and get back asap.

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The other issue is my ongoing back problems (severe degenerative disc disease, stenosis, osteoarthritis).

Hope this finds you well, are you feeling ok, take care, Monique.But, he had had me drink potassium just before the procedure saying it was low.Also found out you can have have seizures with lupus which would explain mine.That said, I also have endometriosis, and since I can no longer be on hormonal birth control because of the blood clots, I think that is also a mitigating factor.This last summer, I had an even greater mountain biking accident closer to home.In-hospital and long-term outcome after sub-massive and massive pulmonary embolism.It was so difficult for me the first weeks, months and up to the first year of my recovery, but I did small improvements as I went along.Many of this, including myself, are or have been where you are.

Yesterday I had my three month review with the hemotologist and learned more stuff.My recovery has gone very well, especially coming off of back surgery along with it.Since I am not on Coumadin or any other blood thinner except Nattokinese, my INR should be 1.

My partner got off all his heart medications by changing his diet and exercise.I was also discharged with no restrictions and I remember going home the first week thinking that I could do everything just like before.My ability to work was directly tied to my heart rate, when I ever my HR got around 120 bpm I would begin to have chest pain that would intensify with more effort and my strength would start to evaporate, my guess is this is caused by the pulmonary infarction.I thought it was attributed to the APS, but I am not sure in my case.It has made such a difference to me. It is wonderful we can be a community even being so far apart in the world.Thank you so very much once again for listening and talking with me.I have applied for social security disability. the paper says it can take 180 days for a decision. terrific. my hubby is great, but I support him.I hope you are feeling better about recovery and I hope your body continues to heal.