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Everyone involved in this advert should take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror and take stock of their lives.Oh Gio Compario, just what hell did you unleash upon the world.

Xarelto Lawsuit Plaintiff Claims Manufacturers Used Misleading Television Ads For Blood. an SNL actor, and golf legend.Special mention should also go to every single one of the awful Chris Addison adverts, but this one just shades it for us.

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Several people have filed Xarelto lawsuits based on internal bleeding that occurred.

At least Go Compare had the decency to recognise how universally hated the character was and bring out a new series where he endures physical violence towards him, thus bringing to life the fantasies of countless angry television viewers everywhere.Raising Awareness with Kevin Nealon. Xarelto allows him the freedom.

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Almost surgical in its efficiency, this is the logical endgame to the reign of terror begun by the Go Compare adverts.A word of warning to advertisers everywhere: think long and hard before employing sportspeople in your adverts.

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Who is the male actor who plays JIM in the xarelto commercial.

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DTC in Perspective: Pradaxa Comes Back to Television. Xarelto has gone celebrity with golf legend Arnold Palmer actor.This is a fairly new class of medications that includes Xarelto,.Warren honed his performance skills while living the life of a journeyman actor.

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Ah, remember the old days when Ryan Giggs was synonymous with clean living, innocence and being a heart-throb for teenage girls everywhere.The Warfarin Replacement Ad Fight. All three commercials use actor-portrayed consumers in.


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