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It comes on completely at random and lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours of dull squeezing.Thank you all for sharing I thought my anxiety my exhaustion was me being a baby.On the 29th while I was at my kids dentist appointment I started sweating couldnt breath well at all, hands very clammy.Who We Are What We Make Work with Us Terms Privacy. please use HealthTap Prime or HealthTap.I suggest your boyfriend should be more understanding towards you, and give you more practical and emotional support.I think everyone looks at me and expects me to return to normal faster than I actually can at work.Diagnosed on Tuesday with dvt and bilateral pulmonary embolism.

It has been relieving in a way to know so many others have basically experienced the same thing that I have.Take each little step forward as a reason to celebrate and when you get frustrated, as we all have, we are here to listen.I was hospitalized for 4 days and at first could barley take a breath without hurting.I will be sharing this web sight with him tomorrow because he is going through all of this.This thing almost cost me my life, almost ruined my wedding and stopped us going on honeymoon.Had a clot in my right lung. 5 nights in the hospital, could only take 3 steps before resting at the beginning. 6 weeks off of work.Doctors are amazed that I survived as I had a DVT that caused two large bilateral PE.

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Be sure to discuss recovery and possible setbacks with your doctor in order to be prepared to face what can be a long and seemingly overwhelming prognosis.Day to day tasks I can handle and I am up to 2 miles on my bike without resting.

With the help of an electric cart I was able to do a little shopping.Hi all I was diagnosed with dvt in right leg and large Pulmonary Embolisms in both lungs 6 weeks ago I have swelling in right leg which had dvt in but now my left leg has started swelling up.Feeling really exhausted, was looking at going back to work in September, feel now this could be some time away.Just wanted to skate that it is not all gloom, gloom, and doom with everyone.

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It was a little painful, but it lasted for maybe 2 hours and then went away, so I thought nothing of it.

I have chronic clots in my leg and my Popliteal vein has hardened, it has what is called ecogenic walls, Post Phlebitic Changes. and narrowing on the lumen (very small opening for blood to pass through).

Pushing to hard can cause even further damage which will just delay your recovery.So Hang in there, your body is under going a lot right now and also has to get use to the blood thinners too.Both my former pulmo and heart drs. did not uncover this condition with Echo Cardio, Chemical Stress Tests and 2 CT scans.Eventually got better enough to be moved to high care and within 24 hrs was feeling more me.I hung around for couple hrs and was called back for my results.I have extreme phobia over injections, had to meet that head on.Went home and just was not getting better my rt side hurt from the bottom rib to under my arm pit for.My clots were unprovoked, no surgery, no accident, no excessive bed rest or from extensive travel.

The extreme fatigue you are explaining sounds like it is a large part of the recovery, but I am also wondering if anyone has ever checked to see if you have any hormonal imbalances, like your thyroid.I woke up from the fourth surgery knowing something was not right.I have talked with my doctor about this and he said that because I am no longer on birth control (the cause of the clot) my hormones are going crazy and I need to have an ablation and tubal done.They can do an echocardiogram on your husband to see how high the pressures are in his heart.

The doctor has not connected it to Xarelto, but I have to wonder if it contributed to the onset.Everything hurt and I thought my life would never, ever get any better.Reading posts on here is helping me so much to understand how I am feeling. Thank you.

As a side note, I also have problems with my thyroid, but not as a result of a nuclear scan.I scared to go back to hospital cuase i dont wanna seem like some nut job who goes there for every lil thing now.Very few people get this, but if you continue to have breathing issues for longer than six months (I mean if you never have any resolution of your symptoms) ask your doctors to test you for Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension.He was actually so wonderful and said that anxiety is definitely a part of the recovery process and as I start to improve, it will ease.He has now been on Xarelto 20Mg about three weeks and the similar rash has started.I will also say it can take a long time to regulate on warfarin and that is a normal thing.I found that this really helped me build up my lung capacity.

Trying to make dinner, walking across my apartment just to go to the bathroom, checking the mail all seem like gruesome tasks.My hospital stay was only 3 days and I followed the regimen prescribed which brought my INR up to a level 3 which was optimal, but my leg was still painfully swollen, often waking me up at night and leaving me in tears.I put my foot down and said to run every blood test they could think of full panel liver, heart kidney cbc and a D- dimer.I had bi lateral PE and the lower lobes of each of my lungs were severally clotted.I also wonder will I be disabled. from the pulmonary embolisms.I have worked as a nurse for 30 years. Maybe I need to slow down and heal.